Jessica used to have challenging issues with blood sugar and energy. She worked in an ice cream parlour in high school, fell asleep in her classes at school, in the shower in the mornings and some evenings crashed at 6pm for the night! She was uncomfortable in her body, and one day decided that she wanted to make the most of what she had, and to optimize her one life she was given.

After reading about nutrition and experimenting with exercises, something clicked. She has an innate understanding of biomechanics, and also the psychology involved in making health and life changes. Her body changed, and so too did her entire life experience. She knew that if she, a not-naturally-athletic kid could adore and embrace fitness, there were many other people out there who had not yet tapped into their best selves, or found a way of exercising that they enjoy and that benefits them personally. Fitness and health change everything, and Jessica has dedicated the past sixteen years to optimizing her craft, to help as many people as she can to discover this. She continues to lap up education, and works with clients of ALL ages, from teens to those in their 90s.


Satyen was working in the business world, using unhealthy foods as a stress response, and had fallen into inactivity when he decided to work with a trainer (Jess) to turn things around. Turn around they did! Many years after commuting into Toronto for his sessions, and after seeing dramatic change in his body and his entire outlook, he decided to change careers. He completed his personal training certification seamlessly and has been a natural coach every since.

Jess brought Satyen on as a trainer because he had a thorough understanding of the human body and boundless passion for education, and about the changes that health and fitness make.

When you change your health, you change your purpose. And he skillfully proves this to his clients.

After working with Pure Transformation for several years, he and Jess founded the Change, sharing a desired mission of getting clients into their best health, because healthy people are happy people.

Satyen is skilled in one-on-one motivation, high energy cardio blasts, constructive strength work, real talks, group fitness/bootcamps and mobility work.

Rachel is a vibrant and energetic trainer whose vision is to lead women on a path of self-discovery through fitness. Her passion for personal fitness, health and wellness comes from her dedication and love for field hockey that led her to pursue her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology.

She currently personal trains and teaches group fitness classes in the downtown Toronto area. Her interest and passion for different fitness modalities gives her experience from strength training, Zumba, Barre, running, and Pilates. Rachel’s mission is to ensure that each and every one of her clients develops confidence and reaches their goals through a positive, yet challenging training environment. Rachel looks forward to working with you to help you achieve all of your health and fitness aspirations.


Jonathan was active from a young age and enjoyed playing sports, but it was in his teenage years that he found a real connection with resistance training. He liked the goal setting, the discipline and focus that came along with a healthy training regime and quickly realized these qualities could be transferred over to other areas of his life. Whenever he is facing a personal challenge or any other obstacle thrown his way he can take comfort that he can rely on exercise to ground him, and steer him in the right direction.

Jonathan is grateful for the bonds he has made with his clients while helping them reach their goals, and believes that the trust built between client and trainer is the foundation for success. Jonathan has worked with a variety of clients with unique needs, including cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Autism, and expectant mothers.

His certifications include Neurokinetic Therapy, Kettlebell training, Fascial Stretch Therapy, and Special Populations training. In his sessions, he loves using Kettlebells, the TRX, free-weights and bodyweight exercises.