We believe that the best way to create change around us is to take control of our health and bodies. When we become healthy and strong, we take advantage of our days. We don’t waste them feeling uncomfortable with ourselves.

Surprise yourself with your abilities, with our support and accountability. Build confidence, and get more out of everything else you do. Improve how you feel every day.

Over the course of more than 15 years, this method of personalized and efficient training has helped our clients to improve their performance progressively and become happier, healthier and consequently more successful.

- We develop plans specific to the individual needs and wants.

- We coach our clients’ nutrition based on their particular lifestyle habits.

- We listen, compose and construct.

- We do not put people in machines to count reps, but engage in every movement.

- We reject gimmicks and depersonalized online programs. We favour in-person, effective, science-based approaches.

If you’re ready for change and want to feel something different than you have before, try us out.

what we do

We work on program design, workout form with a strong core focus, biomechanical balance, nutritional coaching, lifestyle patterns & habits, approaches to obstacles and rehabilitative conditioning.

where we work

A private studio is in our near future. For now we train in-home, in-condo, in-office, outdoors or at drop-in studios around the city. Jessica also sees clients in her home.

we’re inspired by

Exercise approaches that currently inspire our work are: Twist Conditioning, TRX, Bosu/Stability, Neurokinetic Therapy, Body Harmonics Pilates, Isometrics, GMB, Plyometrics, HIIT and Joga. We also incorporate mobility and rehabilitative work, for posture and balanced care.